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Our names are Brad and Laura. We both love dogs and all other animals. We're excited to call Charlotte, NC home after spending the majority of our lives in Michigan.

We both have experience working at a kennel/doggy daycare with multiple dogs of all breeds and sizes. We have a 8 year old German Shepherd, Keeva, and a 7 year old German Shepherd/Rottie mix, Kaiya.

We have both had family pets for as long as we can remember and bonded over our love of animals. We adore our pets and look forward to giving the same attention and affection to your special fuzzball.



    I've always felt a connection with animals. From my parakeet, Pico, to my first dog, an Australian Shepherd named Dakota, I have found so much joy and entertainment living with pets. Whenever I am at a home with pets I can usually be found wherever the critters are. I have helped raise two more Australian Shepherds, our German Shepherd and our German Shepherd/Rottie mix. Making a career out of taking care of animals has long been a dream of mine and I could truly not be happier doing anything else.



    As long as I've been alive, I've had at least one animal living with me. The first animal that I remember having was my puppy Buttercup. She was a rescue German Shepherd mix. I crawled around with her and as I learned to walk, she let me tug on her tail for support. She was a friend who taught me how to love animals.

    In addition to Buttercup, my family and I raised a few birds, fish, frogs, lizards, an iguana, six guinea pigs, a Shih-tzu, Labrador Retriever and two Shetland Sheepdogs.


VANS has a special meaning. Aside from conveniently being an acronym for "Valuing Animals NeedS", it was the nickname of Brad's grandfather, Van. In memory of Van and his wife, Freeda, the name VANS was chosen as a tribute to their love, kindness and legacy.